1. Wishful Thinking

    With David Letterman announcing his retirement from his Late Show sometime in 2015, everyone is already talking about who should replace him. I’ve checked a lot of tweets on Twitter and online polls, and what’s surprising me (and making me very happy) is how many times Conan’s name is popping up. As a big Conan fan, I have to say that he is THE choice to host the Late Show after Dave. I mean, let’s look at the facts here:

    Conan has taken over Dave once before, and it turned out to be a 16 year run hosting Late Night on NBC.

    Dave is set to retire sometime in 2015. Conan’s contract ends with TBS November 2015.

    And now this: Conan hasn’t tweeted anything yet about Dave’s retirement announcement. Then again, he was busy just wrapping up a week of shows in Dallas. BUT what Conan did tweet is that he just ate at some Italian restaurant, IN NEW YORK. Could he be there to have a meeting with the peeps at CBS? Or am I crazy for hoping that’s the case?

    All that being said, I’ve enjoyed Conan on TBS. He’s been in living in LA for 6 plus years now, but many Conan fans might agree with me when I say that Conan truly thrived in New York. Maybe it’s time Conan came back home. :)

    -Reggie San Miguel

  2. Classic.

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    1. Me: "I'm so single..."
    2. Audience: "How single are you?!"
    3. Me: "I'm so single, the last 10 dates I had were of the dried fruit variety."

  3. A quick recording I did of Dynamic Duo’s ‘Guilty’, with a hint of Corinne Bailey Rae’s ‘Like A Star’.

  4. Workin’ on some K-Pop arrangements! #InfiniteH #SpecialGirl #LookItUp


  5. "I look forward to the day when the whites and the coloured can be washed together in the same load. Let’s end laundry segregation."
    — Reggie San Miguel
  6. On the phone AND taking a selfie at the same time. #talented (Also, just found out I’m not the father.)


  7. "They should start making 365 day Advent calendars. So I can have chocolate everyday."
    — Reggie San Miguel

  8. "There aren’t enough restaurants that have someone dressed as a candle singing Be Our Guest when you walk in."
    — Reggie San Miguel

  9. "You autocomplete me."
    — Reggie San Miguel

  10. ha-roro asked: Yes I am a fan, a big fan in fact >.< you too?? & aww thank you very much ^^ Yeah I wish there were kfashion here in the UK too

    Yes, I’m a HUGE Running Man fan. I honestly hope to be as cool as Ji Suk Jin when I’m 50, lol.


  11. Birthday Blues And Brighter Hues

    In two days I turn 24 years old. I can’t say I’m absolutely thrilled about this. People tend to lose their mind as they get older. Case in point, today for breakfast, I was about to have some cereal, and absentmindedly poured some Apple Cinnamon Cheerios on to A PLATE:


    But I guess I was also still half asleep, as it was very early in the morning, at 11 AM.

    As I’ve said I’m not crazy about turning 24. I’m not as excited as I was when I turned 23, and definitely not as excited as I was when I turned 10. It’s interesting to think that birthdays meant something much different when you were younger. In elementary school your birthday meant you got to throw a party, and you got to choose what kind of invitations you wanted to send. Having a birthday coming up as a kid made you Mr. Popular for the week, as people were hoping they get an invite from you. It also meant getting presents, and seeing if your best friend would really get you the best one. But today, birthdays mean something completely different. Birthdays now mean throwing a party, and seeing how many can actually make it. Now instead of becoming Mr. Popular, it’s really your Facebook wall that becomes Mr. Popular, as people (some of which you’ve haven’t heard from all year) post 10 different ways to say “Happy Birthday”, only because Facebook reminded them to. And now presents usually come in the form of money, or at least you hope they do, so you can pay off student loans and phone bills. It’s not quite like turning 10, but hey, I still look 10, so I can’t complain.

    A birthday as a kid is exciting, because you look forward to the new things you’ll experience and accomplish. A birthday in your mid-twenties is scary, you think of all the things you thought you’d do but haven’t. For example, I thought I’d be in a long-term relationship right now, but I’m single. No, I’m nowhere near getting married. No, I don’t have the career I thought I’d have yet. No, I don’t own a yacht yet. And no, I haven’t performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. (Whoops, scratch that, I totally did while still in high school. ;) )

    Now I didn’t write this blog post for an anti-aging purpose (there’s a cream for that,) but I wanted to write this post in search for a silver lining of becoming older. And that silver lining is: I’m only turning 24. Compared to someone in their 80’s, I’m still a baby, which is ironic because the people in their 80’s are the ones wearing a diaper. I do have a lot of life ahead of me, and in many ways it’s just beginning. With that in mind, I guess I am excited to be having a birthday again. And even though I may not be Mr. Popular, there will always be presents (cha ching) and cake (nom nom nom).

    -Reggie San Miguel


  12. All caught up with Running Man…

    I first discovered the show after watching a bunch of the “Of Course” game clips from X Man on YouTube.

    Now I’ve watched all 168 episodes over the span of 8 weeks-ish, as I’ve been watching about 3 episodes per day. So am I sick of Running Man after constantly watching it? Absolutely not. It honestly beats the majority of North American television in terms of entertaining and creativity.

    I’ve thought about how cool it would be if an American version was done, but I can’t see it happening for a number of reasons. First of all, with episodes being around the 90 minute mark, I don’t think audiences here would have the patience to sit through it. And keep in mind, that’s 90 minutes without commercials too! I don’t know what television network here would go for a show that ran 90 minutes without a commercial, from a business point of view.

    I also think about how important the “PD” of an American version would have to really get the true concept, feel, and essence of Running Man, instead of trying to “Americanize” the show, which is why I hope an American version never happens.

    Another issue would be who to cast. I’m sure Running Man fans would be very vocal about who was cast in an American version if one was created, and I think there would be too much focus from fans on who would be the Jae Suk role, the Easy Brothers role, the Haroro role, and so on, instead of accepting a whole different set up of people.

    As I think about a very hypothetical American Running Man cast, I realize that American celebs/actors/singers might value their image too much and may not go for looking like a fool on Running Man. Also, just looking at the cast and guests that have been on Running Man, it seems to me that Korean celebrities are much more humble and respectful than celebs here, and that difference is actually one if the reasons I find Running Man such a breath of fresh are compared to the “reality/competition” shows we have here.

    That being said, I actually do have a few ideas of American celebs who I thing would be great should an American version Running Man happen. First of all, I think John Krasinski would be great. Just from watching him in The Office, and talk show interviews, you know he’s a goofball, and would’ve great in bringing the silliness for the show. I also feel the same about Steve Carrell. Another actor I think would be fun would be Jeff Goldblum. He would definitely bring a lot of quirk. In Running Man, there’s been the one sole female, Song Ji Hyo. I can’t think of an American celebrity who’s just like her, because that girl is honestly one of a kind, haha. But I think actresses like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anna Kendrick all have a sense if humour that would be great. As for male singers, I really don’t know. Part of me thought of Nick Jonas, but I’m pretty sure some of you would boo that, lol. As for other males, I could see Aziz Ansari fitting in well, and I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be fantastic. Anyways, I’ll leave that at that.

    I recently watched an SBS awards show speech by Yoo Jae Suk, and he mentioned that Running Man was once on the verge of cancellation, which blew my mind. But fortunately it didn’t get cancelled, and all I can say is, after watching 168 episodes, I will continue to look forward to Running Man’s future.

    Race start! Let’s go!


  13. Kingdom Hearts III Wishlist

    Operation Dumbo Drop



  14. "Choo choo motherfuckers."
    — Kingdom Hearts Fandom